Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Seminar Online Training for Internet Marketers written by: Mark Scott

Internet is undoubtedly an incredible place for building, marketing, growing as well as maintaining a successful online business.

But there are already sea of competition within a market. Without the right skills, industry know-how, and tools, your website is more likely to get buried under other websites that spend 10,000s of dollars in promoting their business. 

If you’re new to the Internet Marketing, you’ll most likely do what other popular sites in your industry do: pour 1000s of dollars to see results. 

That’s huge mistake! 

You do NOT have to break your bank to take your online business to the next level, nor do you need to have any technical knowledge to get started (it’s optional).

All you have to do is, if you’re living in Michigan and its surrounding areas, join the Michigan Internet Marketing club that meets in Detroit. They conduct big seminar online training for Internet Marketers, every 2nd Thursday of each month. Of course, the event and trainings are FREE and anyone can participate.
Click here to learn more about the event. Additionally, visit Mega Evening Event.

Here’s what happens every Thursday.

4-6 pm: Mark and Chris Conduct Training and Q&A
Mark Maupin, the founder of the Michigan Internet Marketing Club , will conduct training from 4-6 pm. The training offers a step-by-step guide for creating a successful website that generate high return on investment (ROI) for you, 24/7. 
Mark will teach you how to create a great website, drive traffic to it, and convert that traffic into a returning buyers. 
In short, you’ll learn all the basics that every Internet Marketers must know to take their business to the next level.

Between 4-6 pm, there will also be a Q&A. Mark and Chris Wechner will address and share their recent online marketing discoveries.

While they usually adjust their sessions to the need of the audience, here are few things they have been conducting in the past.

1. Answer questions from the audience
2. Demonstrate How-to strategies
3. Showcase what work through examples
4. Analyze/review audience’s websites
5. Attending business owners

6-8 pm: Meeting Main Speaker Topic different each Month
Have a business or thinking to start a new one? This free Internet Marketing event is for you. 
Whether you are a beginner, or have been running an online business without much success, you're welcome to attend the even, which will emphasize on assisting small businesses grow by improving their online presence.
During this meeting, you’ll learn how to:

a) Build a Great Website
You’ll learn how to build a great website, even if you may not know how. With powerful online tools, the right training, and some creativity, anyone can build a professional-looking website, within hours.
During this training session, you’ll learn how to plan, build, and run an effective website targeted for your audience.

b) Drive Traffic
With competition always on the high, it’s very important to learn how to drive 'targeted’ traffic to your site. 
During the big seminar online training for Internet Marketers, you’ll learn how to establish a good online presence and found easily on the web.
This training session covers effective marketing strategies to drive more quality traffic to your site as well as increase your search engine rankings.

c) Increase Conversions
Another important element of a successful online business is converting a casual viewers/visitors into paying members, customers, subscribers, or downloads.
There are different key strategies to apply to your website to increase the conversion ratio. This training session will cover all those elements.

Now is the time for you to launch an online business. 

IM Training Classes Schedule and Location
The event is held every Thursday of the 2nd week of every month.
Event Date: Monday, June 26 2014
Event Start Time: 6:00 PM
Event End Time: 8:30 PM
Location: The event takes place in Wayne County Community College Eastern Campus, Cooper Room, 5901 Connor Street; Detroit, MI 48213


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